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Building to educate the new wave of rescuers.


From our main Facebook page 28/01/2015

Good evening all.

We have a very exciting update for you, one that maybe you would like to get involved with.
In the last year, time has just seemed to fly by since we moved into our new premises, we now are proud to call the home of AHAR. There is never enough hours in the day. So with the animals as a must, to come first, there is often little time for improvements.

In our centre, we have a very large viewing gallery over looking our arena.
For the last year, it was full of old rubbish and storage from its past life ( and six inches of dust, cough, splutter…;0) )

So today I had the pleasure of having Shauna ( Brian’s daughter ) for the day while he delivered Apple and Blue home.

So we waved him good bye with a glint in our eyes…. we! Had plans!
Anny ordered us a skip and we bought thirty black bags and rubber gloves.
So up the stairs we went. Oh! Lord! Where would we start? We made a deal, we would pick a corner and just keep going until it was spotless.

Eight hours later…. hey presto!
Keep in mind, this girl is only eleven years old. Oh boy! She is some worker and even has a sore hand. Very determined young lady.

So…. the future plan, now that we have a canvas.

A toilet
A shower room
A kitchen
And an eating/seating/education area.
A place for volunteers to relax, wash up and freshen up, eat in peace( Especially for people who want to come on a helping holiday and camp out at AHAR during Summer months )


The  most important bit. A place we can run animal rescue camps for kids and adults with lectures/training from vets and welfare officers. Education is the key to the future of animal welfare.

So….. where can you help?

Have you…..

Old windows ( not broken )
Ply wood ( we will needs loads of it. Do you know a company that might give odd ends or stained pieces? Or have you time to email some companies on our behalf? please feel free to help )
Old lights and electrical goods
Bathroom stuff ( old tiles, toilets, shower tray and surround, taps, ect )
Kitchen stuff ( cooker, micro wave, fryer, fridges, freezers, toaster, and little things like old cups, plates, knives and forks, and anything you need in a kitchen )
Then couches, tables and chairs. Timber flooring. Paint and anything to make the place pretty.

We are not fussy, we know it will be mix and match but is that not what’s its all about? Team work and personality. Lets build this from a team of people with nothing but love and old treasures we can give a use to.

First we will collect as much stuff as we can, then we will be looking for volunteers to help put it all together. Maybe electricians and plumbers carpenters with free time.
I would love if someone who had spare time to come forward and lead a team of volunteers to get this off the ground. Sadly I am run off my feet most days and the same for my existing volunteers.
Can we get someone new on board?

If you can help in any way….. contact us by pm or ring 0861076729 or email us on

If you are in a situation to offer donations of second hand goods but you are too far away, don’t let that put you off. We might get transport help on our page.

Also remember you are welcome to come and visit.

So…. lets just do it. It might take an army and a bit of

time, but nothing is impossible.
Looking forward to your ideas….

Love Suzanne and Shauna xx