Sanctuary Estate Fund

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    Sponsor a Block

    We have designed an out of this world building that will have up to one hundred and fifty kennels, veterinary room, viewing area, puppy pens, grooming/wash room and toilets. It will be so fantastic. We know it will take time to raise the funds and time to rebuild from scratch but AHAR is here to stay and we are only getting started.  Please sponsor a block for €20 to aid in the build.

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    Join A Kennel Syndicate

    We know many of you would love to be in a position to help AHAR by donating  €500 towards the purchase of a Kennel. Sadly not everyone can afford a huge donation like this  on their own finances. We calculate that if 20 people got together at €25 each they  would pay for a kennel If you would like to be part of a syndicate please donate €25 using this link.   Thank you so much for your support.

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    Friends of AHAR Patron

    Our “Friends of AHAR Patron" scheme is for people who wish to become official AHAR Patrons.

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    AHAR Philanthropist

    Our “AHAR Philanthropist" scheme is for members of the public who wish to donate larger amounts.