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Dec 25, 2010: A Huge Thank You!

12:57pm This is a huge thank you to everyone who helped AHAR through the year. I cannot say enough to all of you. There are alot of animals grateful & […]

Dec 20, 2010: -6°C At The Farm Tonight!

9:28pm -6°C at the farm tonight! All water frozen - nightmare, finding it so so hard, really need support, funds running out, no way of homing dogs, no donations as […]

Dec 19, 2010: Snowbound

12:09am Farm snowbound - drawing water & hay by tractor, animals eating double over the cold. No way of homing animals but we are still collecting more, please remember to […]

Dec 13, 2010: A Beautiful Little Dog

9:45pm Got a lovely Beagle/Patterdale Terrier, 5 months old, that wasn't working out with a new baby in the house. A beautiful little dog. Also had conference call with Irish […]

Dec 10, 2010: Today From The Dog Pound

9:15pm Today from the dog pound - a tiny Wired Haired Terrier pup with lice, worms and skin & bone, but beautiful, a collie, a huge male greyhound, a male […]