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Meet Diesel

Meet diesel, he was dumped at the Reeks petrol station, thanks to Edyta and Lukasz Hernas and Tomasz Piedel (who work at the station) for spending hours trying to catch […]

Sharon & I Visit Coolwood

Yesterday myself and Sharon Shannon went to visit Sean Buckley who owns Coolwood Wildlife Park, he also is the builder who helped build the Donkey Sanctuary, amazing guy. Lives for […]

What A Beautiful Day!

Yesterday, Sharon Shannon came to see what work had been done at AHAR since her last visit. Well, short of tearing the place apart (I have blisters and black circles) […]

Spring Cleaning The Farm

Every year around now, we tear The Farm apart and clean away all traces of winter. That means very long days, with cleaning and normal work, but it's all worth […]

An Average Night in the Name of AHAR

Seamus, Elizabeth, Emma (Kilgarvan) and myself are heading to meet Helen to save two ponies and two donkeys. When we got there we met Helen and loaded them up. They are all […]

Jan 8, 2011: Friends, Puppy Farm & Snow

11:21pm They say in life if you meet one good friend your blessed, well I'm the lucky one to have many. Adrian & Edel Kelly are moving to the UK […]

Jan 6, 2011: Sad Day

2:06am Today is a sad day for Marc Jones. His mom passed away after a long fight against cancer R.I.P. Marc has helped save so many animals lives, for all […]

Jan 3, 2011: Puppies & More

12:30am Eleven puppies going to UK tomorrow to new homes. Yipeeee!!!!! Also booked seven dogs to go to UK on Thursday. God I'm so happy, space to save more ;) […]

Dec 31, 2010: Happy New Year!

7:14pm Happy New Year to everyone from all at AHAR and all the furry friends ye helped along the way. Hope we get a better year ahead filled with safe […]

Dec 30, 2010: What A Day!

12:53am Haven't been able to up date ye in a while, haven't had a min Farm was impossible to work with, so many animals were dumped this xmas more than […]