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Christmas Comes Early

Christmas came early at AHAR today thanks to this carload of gifts donated from the one and only Jean Rowan.

There was a lovely dog bed and blanket filled to […]

A Life Changing Present

Everybody remembers the Galway gig some months back that paid to save and home so many many animals. There were bills paid, dogs neutered, transported to the uk rescues by […]

A Plea for Help by a Friend of AHAR

Hi, A couple of weeks ago, I visited AHAR and saw just how many animals Suzanne is saving from desperate situations in Kerry. To put it mildy, she is swamped […]

Dec 16, 2010: Wow! An €800 Donation!

9:59pm Emma Fitzgibbons raised €800 as a donation for AHAR, for hay for the horses. What a girl! wish there was more like her. (and thats just her Christmas presents) […]