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Dec 30, 2010: What A Day!

12:53am Haven't been able to up date ye in a while, haven't had a min Farm was impossible to work with, so many animals were dumped this xmas more than […]

Dec 13, 2010: A Beautiful Little Dog

9:45pm Got a lovely Beagle/Patterdale Terrier, 5 months old, that wasn't working out with a new baby in the house. A beautiful little dog. Also had conference call with Irish […]

Dec 10, 2010: Today From The Dog Pound

9:15pm Today from the dog pound - a tiny Wired Haired Terrier pup with lice, worms and skin & bone, but beautiful, a collie, a huge male greyhound, a male […]

Greyhounds as Pets?

When Suzanne asked me if I could write up a page for her website in favour of greyhoud adoption and let people know what good pets they make, it filled […]

Success Stories: Dylan

Hi, What a wonderful dog absolutely brilliant with the children and barney our other dog. Very excitable but he has lots of space to run and loves to play football […]

Success Stories: Goldie

Hi all, Goldie has been with us for 24 hours now and is beginning to settle down very well. She was very nervous when she first arrived but settled down […]

Success Stories: Buddy

Angela sent us the following about Buddy on behalf of Helen, Colin & Robert.

Hi to all at AHAR

Well Buddy has settled in well. We bought him two new […]

Success Stories: Dusty

Here's a few pictures of Dusty on his first day at his new home. Thanks Maureen for the photos!