Dottie Pottie

This is Suzanne’s baby, and for those of you who haven’t visited AHAR, he’s called Dottie Pottie (pictured here having proudly captured a toy duck – the poor duck never stood a chance!) Those of you who have visited AHAR will no doubt have received a very special Dottie Pottie hug on arrival!

Dottie Pottie was left in a box outside AHAR’s gate as a 6 week old puppy two years ago. He was soaked wet from sweat as the box was lined with plastic. He was covered in lice and eaten by worms. How this beautiful baby survived, we’ll never know. We think he lived on pure love alone because Suzanne used to mind him like a baby, carrying him around in a knitted hat hung around her neck 24/7.

Over time, the vet removed a pint of fluid from his tiny head. He had encephalitis. As a result he is a special needs dog. Sometimes we think he should get him his own guide dog – he walks into walls, he falls over and he barks at his reflection in puddles. But far more importantly he is AHAR’s resident meeter and greeter – everyone who visits AHAR gets hugs/kisses and covered in paw prints from Dottie.

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