Four years ago Suzanne saved me from a life of hell. I was tied in a dark shed with a tight chain, so tight my skin had grown over it. She came in to the darkness and cut me free, the pain roared through my weak body while she held my face and said “Be a brave boy now, I’m here, you’re safe”.

My two brothers hid in the shadows as their chains held them captive too. She carried me to her jeep and went back for them. I heard them scream in pain as she cut them free, I hid my face in shame. We had lived there since we were puppies. Fed potato skins or stale feed if we were lucky. We thought we would die there and had given up.

It took so long for us to recover. We found it so hard to trust. We did bite her so many times, but she just came back every time. Time and love gave us our future. I now am part of the family of AHAR. Suzanne said I was too bold to home but I know she just couldn’t part with me. She has taught me to dance, ask any one I can waltz with her.

Since Arion died, I’ve done my best to protect Passion. I know this is my way of saying thanks to Suzanne for saving me.

Lots of love Dinny, the one that got away xx

Stunning Staffie Little Ball of Fluff
Stunning Staffie
Little Ball of Fluff