Bubble & Squeak

AHAR ID: D131220006

These two broke my heart. Skin and bone. How could anyone starve them??? Their eyes are sunk in their heads. Bones sticking out of their face. Sickening.

Thanks to Mairead our much loved dog warden for hand feeding them the last few days in the pound. We brought her a tin of chocolate biscuits tonight from the pups. I wish more dog wardens were like you.

And yes of course they are waiting in my bed… sure what could I do??? Their little sad faces peeping at me… one of these nights there will be a second double bed, I just get thrown out every night at this stage.

We urgently need a foster home for them. They will take weeks to recover. Anyone got a little bit of room in the Inn? If you can foster these two while they recover please complete this form quoting their AHAR ID D131220006.

They will be available for adoption once fully recovered, if interested please complete this form and quote their AHAR ID D131220006.

10 Week Old Pups Roofing Limerick
10 Week Old Pups
Roofing Limerick