Animals for Adoption

Updated regularly, these animals are looking for new homes (please contact us for availability)

  • Bubble & Squeak

    These two broke my heart. Skin and bone. How could anyone starve them??? Their eyes are sunk in their heads. Bones sticking out of their face. Sickening.

    Thanks to Mairead […]

  • 10 Week Old Pups

    Two lovely 10 week old puppies. Thin and needing a hot wash  (they stink of cow dung) but they're ever so sweet and just want to be loved.

    Can you […]

  • Puddles

    This guy is gas. He loves playing with stones in a puddle of water. All the rain today made his day. He was the only one who wanted to be […]

  • Shy Pointer/Collie

    He's a pointer/collie. Shy at first but loves to go for a walk and play with the other dogs. It's like hes been shouted at a lot so I'd like […]

  • Full of Fun & Games

    She's a dote, full of fun and games. She hides her treat under her blanket and shows her cheeky face for another. She will make a great family pet.

    If […]

  • Well Mannered Boy

    Proud medium sized young boy. He's so funny. If you throw a treat he jumps up grabs it and sits down to eat it holding it in his paws. Very […]

  • Bobbi

    Bobbi our goat is now castrated and vaccinated thanks to Danny Holmes. He is really tame and walks on a lead like a dog. He is great with all animals […]

  • Pride

    This is Pride. Her leg is almost perfect as you can see. (picture below) She is 12mnts old. Very friendly and lead trained. She will make around 15.2.

    Please complete […]

  • 4 Yr Old Collie

    Another one also came today. He is a 4 yr old male collie who now needs a new home. He would be perfect for someone living alone as he only […]

  • Sophie

    This is Sophie. When Mike took her in from an awful home. She was just a bag of bones. Three weeks later, shes starting to put on weight. She urgently […]

  • Little Ball of Fluff

    This little ball of fluff came today to find a home. Hes five years old, can be a bit shy and is not lead trained. An older family or a […]