AHAR Residents

We have a number of animals that live at AHAR. Find out more about them.

  • Dinny

    Four years ago Suzanne saved me from a life of hell. I was tied in a dark shed with a tight chain, so tight my skin had grown over it. […]

  • Princess Passion

    Passion was left to die. Emaciated, and dying of malnutrition. Seven hours we spent on her rescue mission to get her to safety. This amazing little horse fought day and […]

  • Dottie Pottie

    This is Suzanne’s baby, and for those of you who haven’t visited AHAR, he’s called Dottie Pottie (pictured here having proudly captured a toy duck – the poor duck never […]

  • Charlie

    More info coming soon

  • Spot

    More info coming soon

  • Honky

    Honky has been a resident at AHAR since 2006 when Suzanne pig-napped her as a baby piglet when she was going to be put down as the runt of her […]

  • Sam

    Sam has turned 18. He is the first dog rescued in the name of AHAR.

    Sam was due to be put to sleep in a Dublin pound but thankfully my […]