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Finn with His New Family

Finn with his new family in the UK, thanks to Gemma. Finn was left in the Kerry pound to die! Eh, Thats what his owners thought! Another star for Gemma x

Meet Diesel

Meet diesel, he was dumped at the Reeks petrol station, thanks to Edyta and Lukasz Hernas and Tomasz Piedel (who work at the station) for spending hours trying to catch him with me and feeding him till we were able to befriend him.

A Life Changing Present

Everybody remembers the Galway gig some months back that paid to save and home so many many animals. There were bills paid, dogs neutered, transported to the uk rescues by the dozen, horses transported to grazing, and so many more animals were saved with the best of care with operations and so many options we'd […]

Sharon & I Visit Coolwood

Yesterday myself and Sharon Shannon went to visit Sean Buckley who owns Coolwood Wildlife Park, he also is the builder who helped build the Donkey Sanctuary, amazing guy. Lives for animals. He's the reason so many animals have been re-homed through AHAR and has been with us at least ten years. He always has grass […]

What A Beautiful Day!

Yesterday, Sharon Shannon came to see what work had been done at AHAR since her last visit. Well, short of tearing the place apart (I have blisters and black circles) it looks amazing, everything is painted, scrubbed and a track machine did a make over on the place and today the sun shined to dry […]

Spring Cleaning The Farm

Every year around now, we tear The Farm apart and clean away all traces of winter. That means very long days, with cleaning and normal work, but it's all worth it to see end result... The Farm clean and looking good. We've had very little time for updates so to bring you up-to-date... In the […]

A Plea for Help by a Friend of AHAR

Hi, A couple of weeks ago, I visited AHAR and saw just how many animals Suzanne is saving from desperate situations in Kerry. To put it mildy, she is swamped and needs to move as many dogs on to forever homes as possible. That really means moving quite a few of them to the UK. […]

Street Collections

We have two street collections in aid of Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) coming up in the next couple of weeks so if you're in the area please come along. The winter months will be hard on the animals so we need all the aid we can get. Saturday, 04 December 2010 Killarney, Co. Kerry […]

Dog Pounds In Ireland – Five Days

René and Lilly

Suzanne's 3 legged fox, René, playing with Lilly, a greyhound pup, in her kitchen!