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Beauty Adopted

Two weeks prior to this photo Beauty had been booked in to be slaughtered. Everyone had given up on her, nobody wanted to buy her little life at the horse fairs so there was only thing for her - the meat man would buy her. But thanks to Jenni Colthurst for ringing us to help […]

Blue Saved from the Meat Factory

And re-homed with a fun-filled family!

Poor little Blue, a gorgeous pony, was destined for the meat factory until we rescued him and then found him a wonderful home with Dave Crowley and his family (Danny, Bridanne, Annalee, TJ and Denise). With so many kids to look after him, Blue has found the perfect home where he will have all the […]

A Passion for Life

Beating the odds to live while a nation fell in love with her!

This video is dedicated to Passion our little warhorse who beat all the odds.

Passion was left to die. Emaciated, and dying of malnutrition. Seven hours we spent on her rescue mission to get her to safety. This amazing little horse faught day and night to live.

A team of volunteers from AHAR spent […]

May and June (Daughter and Mother!) Adopted

Back in May, this beautiful mare and her filly foal were rescued by AHAR from death row in a horse pound. Shortly afterwards, John Kissane, Suzanne’s friend of 20 years and one of AHAR’s best foster homes, saw them on Facebook and fell in love with them but he didn't believe in his wildest dreams […]

Urgent Please Read… Life Saving Rescue Situation

Animal Welfare Ireland

After hearing two weeks ago that there was a very large number of horses and ponies in danger of being put to sleep, as there was nowhere for them to go, Sharon and myself decided this is not gonna happen!! So, we put a plan in action...

Simon Coveney, the politician from Cork I knew […]