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Success Stories: Black Pup

Here are Stephanie & Anthony O'Riordan just about to bring their new pup home to their daughters Kelly and Chloe.

Success Stories: Goldie

Hi all, Goldie has been with us for 24 hours now and is beginning to settle down very well. She was very nervous when she first arrived but settled down in the kitchen with the other dogs almost immediately. Lynne told us she was very frightened of men and Terry stayed in the background when […]

An Update from Suzanne

Today Dogs Trust offered to home 9 pups of the new rescue case I'm on. Foster homes & 40 odd more dogs to find homes, and that's just one case!

Hope everybody saw my babies! Hope, Faith and Chance. God love them, they are fighting so hard to live.

Homed one of my pet foxes today, […]

Success Stories: Buddy

Angela sent us the following about Buddy on behalf of Helen, Colin & Robert.

Hi to all at AHAR

Well Buddy has settled in well. We bought him two new beds, one for the sitting room and one for the kitchen. He has also got some new toys, aswell as a new colar and lead. […]

I’m Sick & Upset

This everybody has got to hear! I'm still sick and upset. Got a call this morn to say a German tourist found 5 puppies (3 weeks old) hanging in a shed, I dropped everything and ran. When I got there 2 had died. I couldn't stop crying, I just wanted to kill that farmer! We […]

Success Stories: Dusty

Here's a few pictures of Dusty on his first day at his new home. Thanks Maureen for the photos!

Honey & Rocky [New Pics]


We found a home for Honey & Rocky together! Their new family will take them home in two weeks time when they return from holidays.

Here's a few pics of Honey & Rocky after their hair cuts. Special thanks to Sharon for donating her services and doing such a great job.

Honey & Rocky

Siblings Honey and Rocky are looking for a new home. They are currently being fostered by Marie and are very good with her dogs and cat. They're a bit over weight at the moment so Marie has them on a diet and is giving them plenty of exercise. Their coats are not in very good […]

Rory is on his way!


For those of you who were following Rory's story you'll be delighted to know that he is currently on his way to his new home!

A special thank you must go to Marie for fostering him, I know she's already missing him, and to Toni and Gemma for helping in finding him a new family. […]


One lucky family adopted one lucky doggie earlier this week. Toffee is a terrier mix and such a cutie. Best of luck guys with your new addition, be sure to report back on how Toffee is settling in.