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A Passion for Life

Beating the odds to live while a nation fell in love with her!

This video is dedicated to Passion our little warhorse who beat all the odds.

Passion was left to die. Emaciated, and dying of malnutrition. Seven hours we spent on her rescue mission to get her to safety. This amazing little horse faught day and night to live.

A team of volunteers from AHAR spent […]

Bonnie & Clyde

Friends Forever After A Terrible Ordeal

These two were dumped in Ardfert, Co. Kerry and thanks to Eilin Lovett for taking them under her wing and driving to meet me, they are safe at last.

The bond they have is beyond sweet. They were both straying and begging for food together. The dog was minding the cat and licking the wounds […]

Dedicated To All The Amazing People Who Work In Rescue

From all the dogs you have saved.

The day I was born, the first thing I remember is my mother's warm tongue licking me dry. I felt her love and pride as she nursed me and then to my surprise i could see myself five more times. I had brothers and sisters! Wow! Let the fun begin.
As the weeks passed mom […]