Update from Georgina about our Beautiful Windy

Do you remember poor Windy who we rescued back in July after she was found dumped heavily pregnant in a field? She was so thin and weak that, when she gave birth to 9 pups just a couple of days later (as pictured), the pups were all too weak to survive bar one (despite the very best efforts of our wonderful Ark vets). Windy herself was very poorly and had to be put on a drip, but with the help of the best veterinary treatment, she pulled through and successfully nurtured her one remaining pup.


Windy when she was weak

Well earlier this year that one pup went on to find the most fantastic home with Barbara Cotter, while Windy herself landed well and truly on her paws getting the most amazing home with Georgina Churchouse – and we will post a wonderful update we just received from Georgina about Windy and her exploits.

Here is the update from Georgina about our beautiful Windy for whom so many of you kindly donated towards her veterinary treatment to save her life – Windy is clearly one very lucky, very happy and very smart lady who will now live a life full of the happiness she deserves after the appalling state she was abandoned in. Go girl! And thank you so much Georgina!

‘Thought you might like an update, so all your kind sponsors can see what happened to the product of their efforts…and thank you all again. Windy had to miss the first week of obedience class, so I went by myself to see what we needed to practice, and the following week with all new dogs and smells, she totally lost the plot. There was nothing that she couldn’t do, and does do at home, but way too many distractions!!! But this week, which I was dreading after that, she was a different dog. We have both worked hard this week and she listens to me, she was the only one in the class to do a full 1 minute stay off lead! She skateboards!! And there was a border collie this week who, when he was doing his recall, ignored his owner and went to the rest of us on the side and started picking on other dogs. She just snuggled up to me, instead of having a go and I secretly felt pleased another dog was causing mayhem!!!

Some photos of her doing her homework, the first is leaving the food in front of her – as you can see she’s not impressed, but did it. We also do both “dog on the box” and “dog in the box” (when we can pinch Mum’s wash baskets). The last one is her in her new raincoat- she looks so pretty in it, and loves going for walks in the rain, as she loves the towel rubdown when we get back.’

(Sorry Georgina – we could only show one of your lovely photos!)

‘She is now on the KC Activity register (we’re doing agility) and her registered name is Windy Slinky O’ Rainbow (we call her “Slinky Linky” as she’s so leggy and walks like a catwalk model, and Rainbow because we were in the field with her, pouring rain, and then it stopped and there was a beautiful rainbow and you know what they say about finding a pot of gold – like to think we’re hers and she’s ours! Thank you all again and please keep in touch.’

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