Beauty Adopted

Two weeks prior to this photo Beauty had been booked in to be slaughtered. Everyone had given up on her, nobody wanted to buy her little life at the horse fairs so there was only thing for her – the meat man would buy her. But thanks to Jenni Colthurst for ringing us to help buy her from the meat man, we changed Beauty’s story and her future.
She has now been adopted by the Beasley family and has a five star home like Dallas! It is so beautiful from the farm, to the B & B, to the gardens to even the family themselves. So down to earth and loving. Their hearts were recently broken after their beloved horse of twenty five years died. But after they saw all the ponies on Facebook which AHAR saved from the meat man, they knew they had the home and love to give one and what better way to remember a much loved horse but to save a fellow equine in his remembrance.

Tonight (August 29th 2013) they had tears in their eyes, remembering their old friend and telling us how much they loved him. But we had tears in our eyes for Beauty. She went from dust to diamonds because of an army of animal lovers who refused to give up on saving as many as we can together.

This was Suzanne’s post at the time – “You have no idea how good I feel tonight, how much I love horses and rescue work. It’s food for your soul. I hope all of you feel so good too. We could never do this without you. I love all of you for every dream you’ve ever given me and the animals of AHAR. I always think of the song ‘Somewhere, Out There’ when I find them a home. I see them all alone humming this song, waiting for someone to love them. Tears pouring down my face writing this…. thank you from Beauty xx”

What’s Happening: August 28, 2013 What’s Happening: August 31, 2013
What’s Happening: August 28, 2013
What’s Happening: August 31, 2013