Bonnie & Clyde

Friends Forever After A Terrible Ordeal

These two were dumped in Ardfert, Co. Kerry and thanks to Eilin Lovett for taking them under her wing and driving to meet me, they are safe at last.

The bond they have is beyond sweet. They were both straying and begging for food together. The dog was minding the cat and licking the wounds on her skin. Both are covered in mange and soars. What kind of person could do such a cruel thing? And then throw them away like rubbish?

Both Bonnie & Clyde were treated at my vets, Ark Veterinary Hospital in Killarney, and we looked for a home that will take both of them. Well, you would have laughed when they were examined. I had told Peter, one of our vets, on the phone all about their story before I called in and he was laughing then but when he met the two in person boy… did he laugh. First he put the dog (Clyde) on the table for his check up, but he only wanted to mind the cat (Bonnie), so he had to let them both on the table while he checked them both over. He really had his hands full and I couldnt stop laughing.

He has decided that Clyde needs to be shaved in order to treat his badly infected skin. Peter has confirmed it was boiling water that burnt this poor dog and then a secondary skin infection set in. Dear god, what has this dog suffered?

Then it was Bonnie’s turn. Again, he wasnt sure as the wound is a strange shape but said it could be boiling water aswell (confirmed later after testing). But the good news is she will just need the would shaved and cared for and she will be fine in time.

He explained how her gums and teeth were in good health and this is a great sign in a cat. She has no trace of any illness.

Both then got their first vaccine and stayed over night at the vets. They have been neutered, shaved and their skin treated and came to my house to recover on meds.

This will make you smile… when they stayed the night at the vets, they tried to separate them for the night in two crates, well they both started crying and Peter gave in and let them sleep together.

This amazing story of these wonderful animals has generated so much interest donations started pouring in. So much so that we are close to getting the transporter that we have being saving for for over a year now! When we finally get it, it will have a picture of Bonnie & Clyde on the side and say “Sponsored by Bonnie & Clyde”.

With the help of all the amazing people that have donated and offered to adopt these two characters we are giving them a happy ending.

These two are one in a million. I’m so glad I’m part of their little story. They would melt hearts of steel.

– Suzanne Gibbons

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