What’s Happening: April 4, 2012

  • What a day!!!!
    Well it all started with five dogs going to the UK. This lovely springer … …

  • Update on beautiful charlie.
    Let me start charlie's story. (now called monty) I got charlie from kerry pound, found dumped in the middle of nowhere by the wardens. They rang me to say he was in a bad way so i rushed him to anita my vet. He was put straight on a drip and drowned in meds to save his life…

  • More updates from gail…
    Allsorts rescue uk. Peter from cavan pound..

  • Cindi out walking some of my irish pound dogs…in the uk
    Its lovely to see the ex pound dogs of ireland free, safe and having fun…no more cement jails or waiting in fear when the door opens in the pounds. Now its onwards and upwards, life is only getting started….give them all a huge hug cindi and i will meet them at the dog show in the summer…xx

  • Up date on bear..
    Bear (our lab/rottie from kerry pound ) Went into foster with el and sam. As i laugh… cough. lol. I bet they will be failed foster home. Look how happy he is? Beautiful photo… Sam and el ye have made my day, stunning pictures and just to see him so happy…thankyou…xx

  • Huge thanks to donna goldsmith..
    Today three dogs came from cavan pound. One poor old girl, aroung ten years old had been put into the pound, because of her age and also she needs an operation costing around 200eu. So an amazing woman called donna goldsmith rang and said she  would sponser her. Wow!!! Donna your a gem. …

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