Monthly Archives: January 2012

What’s Happening: January 20, 2012

Ten feather friends find a home to roost... My lovely neighbour took ten little ladies.... they are gone to a real fancy farm, plenty grass to run free at last. […]

What’s Happening: January 19, 2012

Spirit Medium Bobbi Allison's PhotosUnconditional ? Dog=God Spelled Backwards Ps... Sasha, the beautiful kerry pound girl went on a weeks trial tonight, great home. Paws crossed it will work out... […]

What’s Happening: January 18, 2012

Up date on charley....the story of a pound pup. I know ye will remember me, im just a stunner.. This is me minding the baby bunny... I was at the kerry […]

What’s Happening: January 17, 2012

The new greys take mary for a walk.. Mary started with ahar over a year ago, when she used to walk one dog at a time. Well those days are […]

What’s Happening: January 15, 2012

The walk at ross... What an amazing turnout.... fair play to everyone who turned up, since the weather was not so kind, but at least it stayed dry. Sharon started […]

What’s Happening: January 13, 2012

Dog Walk in aid of AHAR Dog Walk in aid of AHAR