What’s Happening: December 12, 2011

  • Christmas wish list..
    If anyone would like to give a gift to ahar for christmas…. This what we need…new or second hand.. Cement building blocks.. Bags of cement……

  • Betz christmas pressie to benson (benny from cavan))
    Betz came today and had a great surprise, not only is she fostering benson, but also helping fund his operation. This means so much to all of us, and a special christmas in great hands for benson…            Thanks betz and bunny (her other half) i wish ye loads of love and luck…..xx

  • Up date on snoopy..
    Snoopy has put on seven pounds…whooo who!! hes got loads of energy, loves playing ball. He’ll be getting neutered after christmas and going to gemma… to make somone a very happy friend, such a loyal loving dog.

  • Christmas pressie from silvia.(many tears)
    I just love these, silvia bought us five waterprof feed bins. They have made life so easy, and they look fab.. Thank you silvia for all the dogs you took into your care from us this year, hope you have a fantastic christmas..              From all at ahar with love, xx

  • Up dates from gemma…
    Tiny in her new home …. Remember cavan girl holly?

  • Happy christmas from gina (paws) to ahar..
    What a christmas pressie? Jeep full to the roof!! And…. due to our recent move, we could’d afford calenders… so gina sponsered five houndred calenders….. funds to go to ahar… So if you’d like one? email marc… [email protected]…five eu per calender plus post ect. …

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