Monthly Archives: October 2011

What’s Happening: October 27, 2011

Todays diary.. You must be happy to bring happiness into your life through the law of attraction. Its a simple formula. Happiness attracts happiness. Yet people use so many excuses […]


Following a complaint to Kerry's Veterinary Inspector from someone who "heard" bad things about AHAR we received the following... "Tim Kelliher SVI , Paddy Fenton (local authority county vet) and […]

What’s Happening: October 25, 2011

For Your beautiful welsh pony waiting in ireland ...her name is crystal. Hope you like her, she'll see you in a few weeks...xx Black velvet.. Is she not stunning?...a […]

What’s Happening: October 22, 2011

My new foster girl, for lucky.. Right lucky...for christmas i want a bigger bed!, every new dog spends their first night hijacking my bed!, shes brillent with small dogs, hates […]

What’s Happening: October 21, 2011

Many thanks... to many tears..(silvia) Beautiful girl off done deal.. ...

What’s Happening: October 16, 2011

New foster baby.. " the rose..." sorry that song just came to mind.. Faces from yesterdays rescue... Beautiful grey gelding, hes very thin but now feet done, wormed and […]

What’s Happening: October 12, 2011

Puppy farm babies get help in foster homes... Thanks to eila clarke, some of the puppy farm dogs have been transported to fantastic foster homes...and she had space for two […]

What’s Happening: October 10, 2011

This lucky boy got a home today with tim dennehy from mallow, his daughter colle... This lucky boy got a home today with tim dennehy from mallow, his daughter collected […]

What’s Happening: October 9, 2011

Now that the dogs are safe... more photos.. This is the " meals on wheel's..", the wheel e bin with their dinner, body parts, like the film, the hills have […]

What’s Happening: October 7, 2011

Ike my new foster dog from homewardbound.. This is the beautiful ike... Dont tell anyone he pee's like a girl... A lucky beagle... Today we went back to the puppy […]