Urgent Please Read… Life Saving Rescue Situation

Animal Welfare Ireland

After hearing two weeks ago that there was a very large number of horses and ponies in danger of being put to sleep, as there was nowhere for them to go, Sharon and myself decided this is not gonna happen!! So, we put a plan in action…

Simon Coveney, the politician from Cork I knew from years ago, I rang him up and asked him for an urgent meeting to discuss the future of these animals. I drove to Galway and he met Sharon and I. He was fantastic, only delighted to help and couldn’t believe we could save the lot of them. I must say the future of irish animals is safe in his hands, he has so many future plans and laws he wants to pass. I’m looking forward to seeing this man in action. One thing about Simon is he’s so down to earth, and really loves animals. Watch this space guys, I see huge changes.

In total theres sixty nine horses and ponies, we have them all safe, but we need 300eu to transport more tomorrow. I’ve spent every penny I have on diesel in the last two days to save so many, please can you find it in your heart to help, every penny counts. I have the horse truck ready, kindly lent to me. Also, if anyone can offer foster space or if you can offer a home to one of these beautiful animals… they range fom ponies to horses, or if you have a jeep and horse box and would like to come and help.

Huge thanks to Holly’s Horse Haven, who answered my call for help by taking six of the ponies and are taking more tomorrow.

Also, if any other rescues would like to help, please contact me… these poor animals need us.

What’s Happening: September 20, 2011 What’s Happening: September 22, 2011
What’s Happening: September 20, 2011
What’s Happening: September 22, 2011