A Life Changing Present

Everybody remembers the Galway gig some months back that paid to save and home so many many animals. There were bills paid, dogs neutered, transported to the uk rescues by the dozen, horses transported to grazing, and so many more animals were saved with the best of care with operations and so many options we’d never have had before without begging for help. That was all thanks to Sharon’s band and the Monroes.

Well, last night I had a meeting with Sharon in Galway, then this morning before I went home, Robert and Garry Monroe gave me a big surprise! This fantastic water tank they got made from scratch so I would spare hours a day not having to go to the river for water. I was blown away to say the least!! For twelve years everyday I drove to the river, at least once a day, in summer up to three times a day. Now I just get it filled at my house or the fire station, and connect on the hose and hey presto… running water!

So now there will be extra time everyday, not wasted in the river, my back pain might go… lol

To the Monroe brothers… the biggest thanks in the world, ye are so special xxx


Sharon & I Visit Coolwood Meet Diesel
Sharon & I Visit Coolwood
Meet Diesel