Sharon & I Visit Coolwood

Yesterday myself and Sharon Shannon went to visit Sean Buckley who owns Coolwood Wildlife Park, he also is the builder who helped build the Donkey Sanctuary, amazing guy. Lives for animals.

He’s the reason so many animals have been re-homed through AHAR and has been with us at least ten years. He always has grass for the rescued horses, never says no, just when, where and how?

You have to meet him him and get a personal tour to see his passion for what he does and why he’s one of my heros and the best friend anyone could have.

He’s such a fan of Sharon (who isn’t?), so he thought it was Christmas! Sharon in Coolwood 🙂

Sean has animals who are in danger of extinction and runs Coolwood at a loss but his whole life is dedicated to education and perserving of wildlife. His family run the park and gives you a taste of Kerry, home baking (there’s a beautiful coffee shop) and peace. Whenever you feel stressed just turn off you phone and walk through the beautiful woods and meet all the animals that he knows by name. Recently, we saved a baby fox we named him Shaz after Sharon and Sean said “right! he can stay at mine”, a beautiful enclosure with my fox Sabie I saved last year.

– Suzanne

What A Beautiful Day! A Life Changing Present
What A Beautiful Day!
A Life Changing Present