What A Beautiful Day!

Yesterday, Sharon Shannon came to see what work had been done at AHAR since her last visit. Well, short of tearing the place apart (I have blisters and black circles) it looks amazing, everything is painted, scrubbed and a track machine did a make over on the place and today the sun shined to dry the land, animals everywhere soaked up the sun (except the pig, ha ha she hides in the shade which means we get peace!! She gets sun burnt).

Sharon brought her friends Lori, Orla and Lisa. We started at one end of the farm, met all the animals, and made one thing clear, AHAR needs to meet the future. That means alot of fundraising in such hard times but for AHAR to survive, it means help. We’ve proven we save against the odds, survive on pennies, but thats not an answer, just a lovely fairytale, its just putting a plaster on a wound.

We need a team of people, who are trained to do this. I hope we have them. Fingers crossed. I know one thing, Sharon is a tough nut, a rock. I’m so lucky I met her so many years ago and God she deserves a medal to be so patient with me. I want to save the world on fast forward. And as for John, her manager, the salt of the earth.

So as of now, we take a deep breath and think. Grants, funding and future. For AHAR to go to the future it means alot of tears (for me) to start saying no, please wait. Something I’ve never done, but if it means we rise above the standards expected of us, we’ll do it. One thing I know, the more AHAR is knocked for being old fashioned the more doors that have opened. As I said so many times, animal rescue is an addiction that suffocates you and animals need a voice and if that means I’m always in trouble, it means you can hear them.

When ever im down, I listen to the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, then i look at all their little faces, and then… bang I’m on a roll again.

In history, there never was change without sacrifice and if it means tarmac and flowers I’ll do it.

Watch this space….

Spring Cleaning The Farm Sharon & I Visit Coolwood
Spring Cleaning The Farm
Sharon & I Visit Coolwood