An Average Night in the Name of AHAR

Seamus, Elizabeth, Emma (Kilgarvan) and myself are heading to meet Helen to save two ponies and two donkeys. When we got there we met Helen and loaded them up. They are all really beautiful.

Next thing she got a call, a neighbours pony fell off a ditch, had got stuck behind a pole and they couldn’t get it up. They tought it’s back was broke. We parked the jeep and box, met the Gardaí who had been called to help and found she had been caught in a mains electric wire for at least two hours. The poor thing was in shock. After the wire was cut, we freed her we and calmed her down. The first thing I did was a nerve test by pressing a sharp object in to her frog (the soft part of hoof) to see if she reacted. She did! So we knew her back wasnt broken. Next we sat her up and got her ready to stand, which she did after a while. The poor mare was shaking and we had to walk her to get the circulation going in her legs, she had burn marks from the wire.

Later, we moved her to a shed for the night and the neighbour told us he knew of two unwanted little dogs so we called to a house and collected them, two sweet little terriers. We are going back on Wednesday to collect more ponies and Helen is also collecting a few dogs she heard that badly need removing from their owner.

Helen deserves alot of credit for saving alot of animals in west Cork. They would end up dead for sure. Helen has tried alot of rescues in Cork for help in the past but they all say they are full. So are we but theres always a way, there’s no such thing as full, you just have to work harder.

We will post the ponies and donkeys photos tomorrow. We are looking for a home for one of the donkeys and one of the ponies the other two are booked already! We still have a waiting list for small ponies so there is no need for any pony to suffer. What annoys me is I’m only a phone call away, by sharing my info you are protecting these animals.

– Suzanne

Dedicated To All The Amazing People Who Work In Rescue Spring Cleaning The Farm
Dedicated To All The Amazing People Who Work In Rescue
Spring Cleaning The Farm