Dedicated To All The Amazing People Who Work In Rescue

From all the dogs you have saved.

The day I was born, the first thing I remember is my mother’s warm tongue licking me dry. I felt her love and pride as she nursed me and then to my surprise i could see myself five more times. I had brothers and sisters! Wow! Let the fun begin.

As the weeks passed mom got very thin and the human who brought her food sometimes didn’t come. She watched the door hoping, waiting, tail wagging at the slightest noise but nothing. When he did come the scraps were stale and smelt bad but she still ate them. I guess she knew she had to feed us. I often saw her watching the neighbour’s dog playing with a small human, playing fetch with a ball in the sun while the chain on her neck stung her cuts where it had burnt her skin over the years. She was going grey and had only a few teeth. She had burn marks on her legs and belly from lying on the hard floor but i still tought she was so pretty – she was my mom.

Then one day the door of the shed flung open. It was that human! everything happened so fast. He grabbed us all and threw us in a bag. I could hear my mom whining and then barking, then I heard the bang. She screached in pain, he kicked her hard. I heard her crying then I saw her through the tiny holes in the bag, shaking in the corner, after wetting the floor. She was shaking in fear. I said there and then if I was a big dog I’d bite him! I was so upset, I couldnt protect her. He threw us into the back of a very noisy thing and it started moving. I cried, I couldn’t see her anymore.

After some time the noise stopped. He grabbed the bag and carried us all squashed together, I couldnt breathe and it was so hot. Then one by one his hand came in and grabbed my brothers and sisters one at a time and other humans disappeared with them. I was last. It felt like hours then his hand grabbed me. There was a small human and he squeezed me so tight I wet myself. Then he dropped me and kicked me hard. The pain, oh God the pain! I couldn’t stop crying. He kicked me harder then a big human picked me up and threw me in a box. I just lay there afraid to move, I just wanted my mom, I wanted her to know I’d find her again. I never got to say goodbye and thanks.

The months flew, I never saw daylight and when I did, they beat me when I wouldn’t move fluffy white things that went baa into sheds. How could I? I didn’t know how? Nobody showed me and I was so hungry I could barely stand, I was just bone and hair. The chain on my neck was so heavy my neck hurt and the soars stung when I walked. I just gave up, took the beating and lay down to die.

Then the human came and dragged me to the back of the noisy thing and it started moving so fast I kept banging my head. It stopped, he grabbed me and dragged me to a cage and slammed the door shut. Another human came and I saw them talking, then silence. Days passed, at least I wasn’t beaten and I got food and water. Other humans came, just looked at me and left with tiny puppies. I heard someone say my five days are up. Up what? They put something on my neck which I heard them call it a purple tag. Maybe I was important now? I was proud!

A human came and he smelled clean and had fancy clothes. He carried a bag and he looked important. He said who’s first? They started to bring out dogs one by one. I saw the first one lie down and sleep when he touched it. This was a nice human, the dogs looked so peaceful after. Then the door opened and a female human walked in. She said I’m taking them please don’t do anymore. She picked me up and carried me and placed me down on a lovely warm blanket, so soft. She came back with six more and we left. Over the next few weeks I got fat and played in the sun. I kept thinking of my mum and when I ate I felt guilty, I missed her.

One day a human came and picked me up, held me and said you’re so beautiful. From that day on I felt love again like when I was with my mom. I was walked, played with and slept in their bed! Can you imagine that? Their bed! I now was a beautiful dog, so strong so proud. But at night when I lay in the dark a tear would fall in memory of my mom. I hope she sleeps now, safe, till the day we meet again. Together we’ll play in the sun.

A Plea for Help by a Friend of AHAR An Average Night in the Name of AHAR
A Plea for Help by a Friend of AHAR
An Average Night in the Name of AHAR