Success Stories: Brief Updates

A brief update of some of the dogs that recently left AHAR for a new life…

He is in his new home – his owners, lovely couple, were waiting for him to arrive at 7am to book him! They had only seen his photo but dogs are not allowed to be pre booked from a photo so they had to meet him first. A very happy Igor is now in his home with EXCEPTIONALLY delighted new Mum & Dad !

Honey & Rocky
Also in their new home – described as a very sensible home, with a stay at home Mum. She and her husband are enrolling the woofs in classes to learn lead walking as they are VERY strong on lead. They will each bring one dog so both dogs will attend their class together. They have finally and firmly landed on their paws!

Gone to live with a woman who does agility etc… a smashing home for the adorable Guinness

Also gone to live with a couple who also have another dog.

In her home – sporting a new hair cut so she is GORGEOUS – already she is a princess
according to her owners – they literally could not believe it when found out about her – Holly’s feet hardly touched the ground!

Also in her new home 🙂

Going to his home soon as soon as he is off meds. He is an absolute sweetheart.

and finally…

Gorgeous Shelley has also gone to live with a wonderful couple and teenage daughter.

Jan 8, 2011: Friends, Puppy Farm & Snow A Plea for Help by a Friend of AHAR
Jan 8, 2011: Friends, Puppy Farm & Snow
A Plea for Help by a Friend of AHAR