Jan 8, 2011: Friends, Puppy Farm & Snow


They say in life if you meet one good friend your blessed, well I’m the lucky one to have many. Adrian & Edel Kelly are moving to the UK and they donated all their tools to AHAR! A horse box full to the roof! No joke! I’m like a child playing with them, repairing everything. The farm is gona be amazing, we now can make kennels and fix everything. What a worthy donation 🙂 thank you guys so much & good luck in UK we’ll miss ye xxx


Yesterday I saved a dalmation from a life of hell at a puppy farm. He was tied by a two foot chain to a wall. He’s only 12 months and was to be used as a stud dog! Tomorrow he travels to the UK to an amazing home found by Cindi, who is also taking 3 Huskey cross pups to home for me that I bought in the pound on Friday. Cindi, it’s so great to have you, my army is getting bigger.


Bloody dam snow is back!!! Life at farm is nearly impossible. I swear to God if I never saw snow again I’d be happy! Poor animals can’t take anymore. Thank God im going to Cork to pick up greyhound jackets that Christina Hespe got donated to us, they are wearing all my jumpers and I’m frozen. Don’t forget to feed the wildlife with all your scraps.

Jan 6, 2011: Sad Day Success Stories: Brief Updates
Jan 6, 2011: Sad Day
Success Stories: Brief Updates