Dec 30, 2010: What A Day!


Haven’t been able to up date ye in a while, haven’t had a min Farm was impossible to work with, so many animals were dumped this xmas more than last year, UK transport wasn’t able to take dogs so now I’m weeks behind and I never say no so is farm so so full its crazy. If anyone would do some fundraising I’d be grateful.


Going to Cork in the morning to save four ponies that Helen rescued. Have a foster home for two and I’m trying to get help for other two. We are now at 139 horses in my care in five counties. Thank you you so much to all my foster homes. I love ye so much!!!


You cant just make this world an awful place to live in for everyone, just because it has been awful to you.


Oh my god! what a day! Went to meet Helen to save four ponies. We did but… we had to be saved after jeep decided “to hell with you I’m over worked & under serviced” and called it a day! Helen’s partner had to jump start it then 20mins later lights went drove in the dark to Macroom & waited to get help. A lovely Garda called William stayed to help & is taking a pony. We are finaly home safe 🙂


I’d like to say a big thanks to Helen for saving four more ponies, also to Sean Buckley of Coolwood Wildlife Park who lent us a jeep to get them. He is taking two of them to home longterm. Thanks guys, couldn’t do this without ye xx

Dec 25, 2010: A Huge Thank You! Dec 31, 2010: Happy New Year!
Dec 25, 2010: A Huge Thank You!
Dec 31, 2010: Happy New Year!