Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 30, 2010

AHAR is icebound. The animals are really miserable, it’s so cold up there had to take loads home, felt so guilty picking who should come, God love them, just the last thing they needed. We are having to bring in tanks of water, extra hay bedding and food. Frightening.

If anyone out there has any horse/pony rugs they are not using would you please consider donating them to us. We are getting so many skinny horses all needing rugs to keep them warm. Also, if we get enough we are going to start rugging random horses in fields! Please call me – (086) 107 6729 – if you can help.

Martin donated his day off to AHAR. He got a new jeep (good for us), went for hay had a scary drive roads that are so bad, brave man. We cooked him a nice dinner and sent him off with a box of lemslip for his cold.

Thanks Martin from all the furry thankful animals.

Three more days left in pounds all over ireland. How many presents do you get at christmas that you never use, give away? Buy a gift voucher, it saves a pound dog, you get a photo, can name & meet the dog, help home it, receive up dates and if possible, meet new owners.

Please give the gift of life. Nobody wants bubble bath, slippers or hand made jumpers.

– Suzanne

Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 28, 2010 Greyhounds as Pets?
Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 28, 2010
Greyhounds as Pets?