Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 27, 2010

The cold weather is here, remember to feed the birds, they love bread soaked in waste fat, waste veg, leftovers. The ground is hard they so can’t forage, they will be so hungry and if they loose weight they will die from the cold. Think of all the food you throw out every day and think of all the birds.

I just looked my front door and it’s white with snow and im thinking of my horses with rugs, bales of hay, loads of food and I’m thinking of all the horses hungry, cold, thin all over Ireland desperately needing help and left to fend for themselves or waiting to be slaughtered. My heart breaks, where are their owners now? Washing their hands and running.

I believe in fairytales and miracles. Christmas is coming, what better time to save a life? So much giving, so much love, so much suffering. Please give the gift of life, sponsor an animal and give them a Christmas too. Don’t we all deserve to feel loved?

– Suzanne

Missing: Larry Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 28, 2010
Missing: Larry
Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 28, 2010