Missing: Larry

Great News! Larry has been found safe & sound and is currently being pampered at home!!!

Thanks to all that offered help and support!

Suzanne received this plea for help…

Missing: Larry

Missing: Larry

“Dear Suzanne,

Really lovely talking to you and as I said I would appreciate any help you can give me to find our beloved Larry!

He protects my mum and house all the time. He wouldn’t take any prisoners! but he is a gentle and lovable soul really.

He came to us as a stray and my mother spoils him and our other collie Galtee. This is why we find it so hard that he would just go like that.

Although I do understand it is in his nature to explore and he has done it in the past as explained.

Please find attached poster that I have put together.

Thanks again. I will ring in a few days

Kind Regards

You can download the poster here.

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Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 27, 2010