Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 12, 2010

Pound day! My favourite! Rescued a Cavalier pup, 7weeks (covered in lice), a German Shepherd male, 4 Collie pups, a Whippet ,a Collie mix, a Sky Terrier, a Collie, a Terrier and a Labrador/Collie mix. 10 in total! There are 27 more pounds in Ireland and I can only manage one. Think of all the other dogs I can’t save. One day i will, with your help.

Have a Collie named Charlie, 5yrs old, loving, mannerly and brilliant with all animals. He’s waiting 8 months for a home, God love him he watches all the cars leave. Asked a good friend for help and hey presto Charlie is booked in to a UK rescue! I will be bawling when he goes but happy for him. I’m so used to having him around I’ll miss him, such an angel, everyone at AHAR loves charlie.

When I was a kid, I posted the same letter every year to Santy –

“Dear Santy,

I love animals very much, please can I have a farm to keep them all safe and I promise I’ll mind them”

Now I have the farm I need to win the lotto. If only to be a kid again, the innocence.

Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 10, 2010 Street Collections
Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 10, 2010
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