Suzanne’s Diary – Nov 3rd, 2010

Went to town this morning to buy rain gear (surprise surprise!!). Size small means when you put the leggings on you can pull them up to your ears!! Guy in shop nearly had a heart attack laughing, I asked him was it for a headless horseman to rob banks?? Does anyone know a shop that small means small?

Today a fairytale happened. Three weeks ago two little terriers were found dumped, skinny and searching for food I teamed them up as a couple and called them Mr. and Mrs. Russell. Now fat and in love they left the farm today in a 2010 jeep to their new home to live indoors and start again! Here’s to happy endings 🙂

I’ve had a rottweiler called Honey for a long time. I tought she would be staying full time as they are so hard to home. Alan has a doberman and a terrier and he said look “I’ll foster her till she gets a home”. So she went from the farm to sleeping by the fire. I knew what was gona happen next! Alan’s in love, his family just got bigger! Honey played her cards right and she now has a family 🙂 Good girl honey and thanks Alan.

Looking for Ideas René and Lilly
Looking for Ideas
René and Lilly