Monthly Archives: November 2010

Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 30, 2010

10:04pm AHAR is icebound. The animals are really miserable, it's so cold up there had to take loads home, felt so guilty picking who should come, God love them, just […]

Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 28, 2010

12:41pm Just a reminder - if you have an animal living outside, check its water isn't frozen. It needs extra food in the cold, extra blankets and rugs. If there's […]

Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 27, 2010

12:20am The cold weather is here, remember to feed the birds, they love bread soaked in waste fat, waste veg, leftovers. The ground is hard they so can't forage, they […]

Missing: Larry

Great News! Larry has been found safe & sound and is currently being pampered at home!!! Thanks to all that offered help and support! Suzanne received this plea for help... […]

Street Collections

We have two street collections in aid of Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) coming up in the next couple of weeks so if you're in the area please come along. […]

Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 12, 2010

9:45pm Pound day! My favourite! Rescued a Cavalier pup, 7weeks (covered in lice), a German Shepherd male, 4 Collie pups, a Whippet ,a Collie mix, a Sky Terrier, a Collie, […]

Suzanne’s Diary: Nov 10, 2010

Today a lovely little Springer/Collie mix girl called Spider, came looking for a home, then 5 bundles of joy, Springer/Terrier mix with little stumpy legs, dotey. Pat Joy came to […]

Dog Pounds In Ireland – Five Days

René and Lilly

Suzanne's 3 legged fox, René, playing with Lilly, a greyhound pup, in her kitchen!

Suzanne’s Diary – Nov 3rd, 2010

12:39pm Went to town this morning to buy rain gear (surprise surprise!!). Size small means when you put the leggings on you can pull them up to your ears!! Guy […]