A Touching Email

Another email Suzanne would like to share with you all…

Hi Suzanne,

Remember me? It’s Buster. We met at the dog pound, you were the only one who stopped at my door to admire me, everyone else walked by. I guess cos I was old and looked shabby I’d seen better days, but the years were hard on me I was always cold with little food

My body was weak, I could barely stand. I tried to stand up and look proud hoping you’d take me with u. By the time I stood up you were gone, my heart sank, I lay down again tears welled up in my eyes.

My time was up, nobody wanted me.

Then I heard you laugh and open my gate, you bent down and held my face and said you’re safe, I’m here. You carried me to your jeep. You then went back for five more dogs all with the same loving care.

We all were saved.

You brought me back to health, I can’t believe I can run, I’m strong and fit like I was young again. You gave me back my pride and I’m loved for the first time.

Thank you for my beautiful home and kind owner, I’m old and won’t have long but these memories will last forever, and when I die, I will protect you.

All my love,

Buster x



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Sponsored Dog Walk
The Return of Honey & Rocky