Success Stories: Goldie

Hi all,

Goldie has been with us for 24 hours now and is beginning to settle down very well. She was very nervous when she first arrived but settled down in the kitchen with the other dogs almost immediately. Lynne told us she was very frightened of men and Terry stayed in the background when she first arrived. After Lynne had gone, she came up to Terry and wanted to be stroked. Since then she has followed us both around, asking to be stroked. She seems to gain her confidence but then a sudden noise or movement causes her to throw herself flat on the floor. She obviously expects to be hit. She accepts treats, has eaten her meals and so far had a couple of wees, but nothing more as yet.

She goes into the garden with the other dogs and trots round quite happily, tail wagging. She investigated the chickens and one of them flapped their wings at her, but she didn’t seem to mind. While she was in the garden a noisy lorry went past and she didn’t notice it. She is slightly overweight, and bigger than Connie. She could do with a good bath but not at the moment as her spay wound looks quite fresh and she needs to settle a lot more first. She is lying at my side at the moment, very relaxed, with the other dogs, who seem to give her confidence. We left her with the others for a short while this morning and she was very good, no fuss. She met the cat this morning, sniffed her and then walked on past.

I think she is still very tired and confused with all the travel and different people she has met over the past couple of days so I am hoping that she will come out of herself more over the next few days. I will keep you posted.

Am attaching a couple of pics, difficult to get shots of her in the garden as when she sees me she comes over!

luv B

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An Update from Suzanne
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