Success Stories: Charlie Boy


Hope you are well.

Just a quick note to say all is going really well. Charlie has settled in with us beautifully, he is sleeping through the night (disturbed nights were hard!) and is so excited to see us each morning. We have also adjusted to having him around and are not so knackered now.

Half-term in Clacton was fab. He really loves caravan life and is great company for me and the kids. Alice loves to walk him around the park and both of them are very proud of him! He is walking to heel and has learnt all the usual tricks. Have just stopped work so I can now enjoy the summer at home with him so we will join a training class and continue with the training.

I have sent a couple of pictures of him looking very handsome and happy!

We are happy to say we are an absolute match and adore him hopefully as much as he does us!

Best Wishes

Bigland xx

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