Success Stories: Buddy

Angela sent us the following about Buddy on behalf of Helen, Colin & Robert.

Hi to all at AHAR

Well Buddy has settled in well. We bought him two new beds, one for the sitting room and one for the kitchen. He has also got some new toys, aswell as a new colar and lead. He also got his first bath in his new home the day after we got him and seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.

He has made a great little addition to the family and will make a great welcome home at lunch time & after school for the two boys.

We are counting down the days to taking him out for a walk to show him off and to allow him to meet the two Saint Bernards the boys grandparents own.

He has a great little personality and loves to be petted and really enjoys falling asleep on ones lap.

A great addition to the family!

Thanks Angela for the wonderful photos.


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