Gizmo the Dog

As well as Gizmo the Kitten coming to AHAR we had Gizmo the Dog, who was recently re-homed. Here’s a report back from his new family.

“Just letting you know Gizmo is a brilliant dog – we love him – he gets excited now about his home and rushes about wagging when we get home from being out. He really loves his bed which is a snuggly furry one and he puls back the furry layer and gets behind it for a really snuggly night!

He also gets really happy about going out and loves his walks – very good now comes back immediately when you call and stays near us all the time, but enjoys a bit of exploring near to us. From day one he has enjoyed going to the yard with Rose and seems familiar with the sights and smells of the farm! He will lie down happily on a horse blanket in the stable and wait when Rose rides. He’s had quite a ot of adventures already including going away to derbyshire on the train and going up escalators in the station with Rose carrying him! and staying in another house for a couple of nights. he slept in with Rose so he felt safe as a treat. He settled in well there and was very good and enjoyed running along the Torr pathway.

Bob took him to a dog training class in the park and although he is very good will carry on for a bit just to make sure they understand each other and he does eveything well.

So thank you he has made us both happy!”

Rory is on his way! Honey & Rocky
Rory is on his way!
Honey & Rocky