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Taking it easy

Taking it easy

Four weeks ago a lovely dog warden called Brendan, with his co-worker James, called to see our farm. After spending an hour with us, looking at all the animals, hearing all their stories, I decided to ask could we work together in re-homing and saving dogs. After a meeting in Kerry County Council Dog Pound and James coming back to check the farm, dogs, etc., spending a day with us, he gave a great report and we decided to work side by side to home unwanted dogs.

So now when the dogs five days at the pound are up the dogs come to us where we neuter and give relevant injections & wormers and between us we are re-homing them. This has proven to be a huge success, no dog has been put down at the pound in four weeks! Dogs that are dangerous, have bitten or killed sheep, etc. we have agreed not to re-home.

I couldn’t say enough good about the people at the pound… Brendan, James, Christy, Mairead & Paddy their vet. Fair play to them to them, they deserve a lot of credit. On my recent visit to the pound they had painted and revamped the dog holding kennels, so happy ending for all involved. This has changed history in Kerry.

Sally Greyhounds Looking For Homes
Greyhounds Looking For Homes