Another update, this one is from Sally who was first mentioned on our dogs page. She went to the U.K. about 6 weeks ago now, here’s a report back from her wonderful new family.

Sally in Her New Home


Sally Studying the Wash

Studying the Wash

Sally Chilling Out!

Chilling Out!

“She’s been with us for almost 4 weeks now, and has really settled in.  She’s fully vaccinated and thoroughly enjoys her walks, but does not like traffic very much. She loves meeting other dogs on her walks, most of whom love meeting her too!

She is VERY cheeky, and pinches everything, including recipe books off the bookshelf!  She loves shoes, so they are all now securely put away.  She’s making us be very tidy, which is great.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and good luck with all your future rehomings, I hope they are all as successful as ours.”

Harvey & Bryn Our Best News Ever!
Harvey & Bryn
Our Best News Ever!