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AHAR is a successful organisation involved in the rescue, housing, rehabilitation and subsequent rehoming of animals and is one of the largest in its kind in Ireland. We operate from a 40 acres facility in Kerry. We are an all volunteer organisation so that all our funding benefits the animals in our care. Each year we are confronted with untold misery, neglect and abuse of animals that have done nothing wrong themselves.

Over the last 12 months we have successfully re-homed 664 dogs 10 cats 35 equines 8 lambs 8 goats , and 6 pigs on average dogs are 21 days in our care before being rehomed horses 72 days

All these animals have received medical attention, medically indicated food programs, Clean dry shelter, loving attention and care by our team of volunteers. All this takes a tremendous amount of attention, labour, love and emotion AS WELL AS a lot of money. Foods for all the animals in our care each day., medicines, vets, cars one the road for rescue operations. To read more about the work we do have a look at our website: or visit our Facebook page at

As our organisation grows and more and more animals come into our care we need a regular flow and an increasing amount of money. This fundraising requires an increasing amount of our time. Within our current set-up it is either care or fundraising, but not both. Being AHAR animals take precedence.

We want to change that and will be recruiting a team of volunteer fundraisers. We have a well-constructed and detailed plan on how to go about this. At this time we are looking for an individual that can potentially lead this effort. This could be an opportunity for someone to learn and extend new skills and grow together with us on this exciting road of expansion. Induction and mentoring by a qualified consultant is available to this person.

What would we like to see in this individual to set us up for success is:
• Significant time available on an ongoing basis
• Outgoing personality,
• Good communicator,
• Makes easy contacts,
• Feels at ease to approaching new and unknown prospective donators
• Conversant with automation, computers, internet, social media.
• Some sales experience
• Good numerical skills to keep the campaign on track.
• Hopefully some management experience
• Likes to coach others for success and personal growth.
• Has a real strong emotional connection with our cause and the plight of abused or neglected animals

If you are dying to make a contribution and think you can fulfil, grow into, this role then please send your communication to: [email protected] (Please note this is a voluntary postion).



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AHAR Ireland is a 100% volunteer run organisation and survives solely of the kindness of caring people. Please consider donating and give an animal a chance of a loving and caring life

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The AHAR Chronicles

Read about some of the heart warming and gut wrenching stories we’ve encountered at AHAR

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Success Stories

Read about some of the animals we’ve found new homes for including updates from their new families.

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I am merely a volunteer just like all the other admins on this page but since I joined the team 3 yrs ago the...
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The AHAR Chronicles

Read the compelling stories


Read about some of the heart warming and gut wrenching stories we’ve encountered at AHAR

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Success Stories

Some of the animals we’ve homed


Read about some of the animals we’ve found new homes for including updates from their new families.

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Stop the Cruelty – Text AHAR to 50300 to Donate €4

Stop the Cruelty - Text AHAR to 50300 to Donate €4

A Passion for Life

This video is dedicated to Passion our little warhorse who beat all the odds… to live and a nation fell in love with her.

Passion was left to die. Emaciated, and dying of malnutrition. Seven hours we spent on her rescue mission to get her to safety. This amazing little horse faught day and night to live.

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My Dream of AHAR
Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR Ireland) was founded by Suzanne Gibbons in 1991. Suzanne has worked in animal rescue since the age of 8.
Vaccinate Your Dogs
Responsible pet owners should spay/neuter their dogs & cats to prevent unnecessary suffering to future generations. Financial aid can be sought in certain circumstances.
Spay/Neuter Your Pet
The health and well being of your dog should be a top priority to you. All dogs should be vaccinated to prevent the spread of diseases such as Canine Parvovirus (Parvo).
I’m in the UK but you animal lovers in Ireland really impress me. I visited your country in September for the first time, I went to AHAR to see for myself what it was all about. I am, and always have been, in love with all animals so its lovely that Suzanne’s army are also care about unfortunate people as well, because he cares for his animals. Count me in as well. – Geraldine Brookes (Facebook)